Raising Awareness

In Honor of Patriots Point

Raising Awareness

In Honor of Patriots Point


Trusted Non-Profit Organization in
South Carolina

Founded in 1976, the Patriots Point Foundation is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, meeting monthly to discuss opportunities and distribute funds. We run a tight ship with our historical financial pass-through at over 95 percent. We have proudly earned GuideStar's Gold Star rating for transparency. Help us upgrade existing exhibits and establish new ones to continue to inspire and educate generations of nationwide visitors, especially the youth.

Working Hard to
Support & Preserve

Since 1976, we have supported the Naval and Maritime Museum in Mt. Pleasant, SC. We have also helped fund the elevator and Marine Lab on the USS Yorktown. We have bolstered the exhibits on the USS Laffey, the Engine Room and CIC Phase I, and at the Vietnam Experience, the multimedia kiosk. Continue reading to see some of our active projects.

South Carolina Veteran's Chapel

The goal of the Patriots Point Foundation, MajGen James E. Livingston USMC (Ret) and many Patriots and Veterans is to build a Veteran’s Chapel.  This will be the first chapel in South Carolina built specifically to honor the men and women who have served our great country.  The chapel will serve as a gathering place for Veterans, family members, loved ones, friends, and anyone else in the community and will be open to everyone.  The chapel will serve as a Holy place and will be used for memorial services, funerals, weddings, and days of remembrance.  You can donate to help us raise the funding to build the chapel by clicking on the donate button or send a check to P.O. Box 309 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465 and reference “Veteran’s Chapel Fund.”

Three Ways To Support Our Mission

Please help the dedicated team at Patriots Point continually evolve as a source of history and education for all generations.

We sell special edition signed copies of Noble Warrior authored by Medal of Honor recipient Gen. James E. Livingston.

How to Give

The Patriots Point Foundation thrives on donations and in-kind help, which are tax-deductible.

You may direct your donation to our general fund, ensuring your contribution will be used where most needed or to specific projects, like our Flight Academy matching grant opportunity, the building of a SC Veteran's Chapel, or other current projects.

Donations Can Be Mailed To

P.O. Box 309
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465-0309

For more information, contact

Phyllis Sheffer, Board President at [email protected]