Effective 10 June 2013 the state of SC is making a special license plate available to all active duty and retired US Navy Chief Petty Officers in South Carolina. Note: This plate is available by mail only. Please use the two required documents linked below.

The plate costs $60 (for two years) plus the regular registration. Proceeds from the sale of this plate will be distributed to Patriots Point Foundation and used to preserve the heritage of the ships and displays of the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in beautiful Charleston Harbor. This plate is available by mail only for cars and trucks only, no motorcycles.

Documents for download:

Official Announcement Please note that the design of all special SC plates was changed by the legislature to make them more uniform and easier to recognize for law enforcement. The plate shown above is the current plate as of January, 2017.

SCDMV documents to apply for the plate There is an MV-37 form and a letter of eligibility. You can fill in the forms from your computer, then print, or print a blank form and fill in with pen. If you have any questions, please email them to Patriots Point Foundation. "SC Chief's Plate" will be inserted into the subject automatically.

Please help us reach all the active duty and retired CPO's (in South Carolina) by forwarding this link to all Chief Petty Officers you may know in South Carolina.